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Demat Charges

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What is an Demat Charges?

A Demat account is essential when it comes to trading in the Stock Market. Without it, you can’t store your securities after purchasing it. There is a charge for opening a Demat account. There are various charges apart from charges for opening a demat account that you will have to pay. So, it’s important to know all the charges before opening it.

Types of Demat Charges

Demat Account Opening Charges
The cost for opening a Demat account with Marwadi is zero . So, it’s completely free and no other charges are levied on it.
Account Maintenance Charges (AMCs).

The Annual Account Maintenance Charges is (Rs. x/-) per annum. If you wish to know for a monthly basis, it’s approximately (Rs. y/-) per month.

Dematerialization Charges
For every physical share or security certificate you choose to convert to an electronic form, then you will be charged Rs. 3/- per certificate.
Rematerialization Charges.
If you ever want to convert your financial asset to a Physical form, then you will have to pay Rematerialization charges. The Rematerialization charge is Rs. 25/- per Security Certificate.
Other Charges
There are extra charges that can be imposed on you like Additional Statement Charges, Client Master Print, Modification Charges , Stationary Charges, etc.

What is Brokerage Charges ?

With every transaction you execute or specialized service you take, there will be charges to pay. With so many brokerage fees, make sure you understand all of them. We follow a percentage based brokerage plan. It shows transparency about our charges. This is very helpful as it’s easy to calculate. Here is a breakdown of the brokerage charges that we offer.

Types Of Brokerage Charges

Equity Delivery Charges

This charge is incurred when you wish for the Securities to be deposited in your Demat account.

Equity Intraday Charges

You will be charged if you wish to buy and sell Securities on the same date. The transaction of Securities is reflected in your Trading account, but not in your Demat account.

Equity Futures Charges

You will be charged every time you choose to perform any future contracts related to any Equity.

Currency Futures Charges

This charge is applicable whenever you trade for a future contract related to any currency.

Commodity Trading Charges

You will be charged when you trade for any commodity on the commodity market.

Currency Option Charges.

You will be charged whenever you purchase a Put or Call Option, related to all Currencies.

Other Trading Charges

Along with a Demat account to store your Securities, you need a Trading account to buy and sell Securities in the Stock Market. When you execute trades, then there will be certain charges that you have to pay. Such charges can be Transaction Charges, Depository Participant Charges, etc.

Types Of Other Trading Charges

Trading Account Opening Charges

At the time of opening a Trading account, you might be levied an account opening charge. At Marwadi, we let you open a Trading account for free.

Trading Account Annual Maintenance Charge

At Marwadi, apart from 0 opening charges, there are no Annual Maintenance Charges. 

Transaction Charges

Every time you choose to buy or sell a Security you are charged a transaction amount.

Power of Attorney Charges

This charge when you, at Marwadi, let us manage your assets and make trades for you.

Depository Participant Charges

Every time you sell a Security, you have to pay a Depository Participant (DP) charge of (Rs. x/-) .

Offline Trading Charges

You will be charged when you make a trade via any offline medium, i.e. through Telephone asking your manager to make trades for you.

SEBI Charges

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) levies a few charges for regulating everything related to the Stock Market. They are additional trading charges you may incur.

Benifits Of Other Trading Charges

Pay Rs. 0/- to use a Trading account to start trading in securities.

Use a Trading account as long as you want for free.

Transparency to trading charges.

Some Minor Charges

Apart from these charges, there are other minor charges. They are applied individually on all the trades that you choose to exercise. These charges are –

  • Transaction Charges – This charge is applied every time you make a transaction using your trading account.   
  • Securities Transaction Tax (STT) –This tax is applied whenever you trade for a Security on any recognised Stock Exchange. It is applicable on all Securities and is different for each Security.
  • Stamp Duty Charge – This charge is applied to every Security you purchase or sell.
  • GST – GST is applicable on every service provided. So you have to pay 18% GST on all brokerage and transaction charges mentioned above.

Benifits Of Demat Charges

No AMC for the first year.

No minimum balance to maintain.

Low transaction charges.

Our Solutions

By putting innovative digital-first solutions into effect, we have constantly evolved into newer and better forms in the ever-changing world. We are committed to providing powerful tools and platforms that align with the client’s needs and requirements. We help clients make well-informed decisions with our latest market trends and daily happenings and faster settlement and disbursement using technology to maximum advantage. Our platform is compatible with different devices like Mobile Phones, Desktops, Laptops, and operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android systems.

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