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How to become a client(Trading & Depository)?

Trading (Normal & Derivatives) A client is required to download the application form available at the site or can submit registration form on the Home page. On receipt of registration details we shall forward an application form. On completing the formalities in application form, a client is required to forward the same to us. On verification of application form a client will be assigned client code and password.

Note : Agreement is required to be notorised., True copy of two proofs like passport, driving licence etc is mandatory.

Depository A client is required to download the application form available at the site or can submit registration form on the Home page. On receipt of registration details we shall forward an application form. On completing the formalities in application form, a client is required to forward the same to us. On verification of application form, we shall submit the same to NSDL system and a client will be assigned 8 digit system generated Beneficiary account number with the complete kit.

Note : Agreement is required to be notorised., True copy of two proofs like passport, driving licence etc is mandatory.

Will Marwadionline handles all my problems arising with the exchange?

Yes, Marwadionline will take care of any issues that arise with the exchanges on its customers behalf e.g. short deliveries, bad deliveries etc

What is the settlement procedure at NSE?

There are two type of settlements. One is weekly settlement (EQ) and the other is rolling settlement (BE).Weekly settlement starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday.Rolling settlement transactions are squared on daily basis.

If I have purchased the share, do I have to take delivery?

No you can choose to sell the share before the end of settlement cycle. However once the settlement cycle is over you have to take delivery by paying for it.

I have bought some shares but shares have not come into my demat account?

The shares will come into your demat account once the settlement takes place. Hence generally you can expect the shares to come into your Demat account every Thursday following the end of NSE settlement cycle. In case you do not receive the shares, it may be due to the stock being in 'No Delivery' period . In this case the shares will come from the exchange after the 'No Delivery' period is over which could be 2-3 weeks away. Alternatively, it is possible that the shares may not have come from the exchange because of shortage. In this case, the exchange conducts an auction and the shares may be received a few days later.

What is an auction?

An auction is a mechanism utilised by the exchange to fulfil its obligation towards the buying trading members. Thus, in case for a settlement, the selling trading members have delivered short, their deliveries are bad or they have not rectified the company objection reported against them, the exchange purchases the requisite quantity from the market and gives them to the original buying member. Auctions are generally held on Wednesday/Thursday.

What happens if the shares are not bought in the auction?

If the shares could not be bought in the auction i.e. if the shares were not offered for sale in the auction, the Exchange squares up the transaction as per SEBI guidelines. The guideline in force stipulates that the transaction is squared up at the highest price on the NSE from the relevant trading period till the auction day or at 20% above the last available closing price on the NSE, whichever is higher. The pay-in and pay-out of funds for auction square up is held along with the pay-out for the relevant auction.

What is SLBM ?

SLBM is Automatic Securities and Lending Mechanism introduced by National Stock Exchange. In this Session a client can carryforward their purchase position of previous settlement to next settlement. In this usually client pays Borrowing charges to the lender. A client can also carryforward their short position to corresponding settlement. As per recent guidlines a short position carryforwarded to next settlements can fetch lending charges only in the case when he holds that securities in his accounts or holds eqvivalent amount in his bank. You can also lend monies & can receive returns as lending charges.

How will I know the status of my accounts?

Complete details about your Bank, demat and e-broking account shall be available toyou online 24 hours a day through the Internet. You will also be able to access all details regarding your orders and trades, trading confirmations, financial accountstatement, transaction statements, holding statements online.

Who are eligible to participate in internet trading?

All Indian Residents/ Corporates, Non Indian residents, overseas corporate bodies and FIIs are eligible.

Is Margin Mandatory?
Yes to trade with us. You have to deposit the upfront margin with us.

How Much Is The Margin?

  • Phase 1: for the first 3 months, 25% of the Peak Margin or actual EOD Margin, whichever is higher, needs to be reported.
  • Phase 2: for the next 3 months, 50% of the Peak Margin or actual EOD Margin, whichever is higher, needs to be reported.
  • Phase 3: for the next 3 months, 75% of the Peak Margin or actual EOD Margin, whichever is higher, needs to be reported.
  • Phase 4: thereafter 100% of the Peak Margin or actual EOD Margin, whichever is higher, needs to be reported.
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  • Can one square up, take delivery or carry forward their position in settlement?
    Yes, you can square up your position, you can short sell i.e. go short and square up within settlement or can go long and square up within settlement. If you do not square up your short and long position, it becomes your obligation at the end of the settlement. You can carry forward certain scrips from one settlement to other settlement through Automatic Securities Lending and Borrowing Mechanism.

    What are GTC, GTD and IOC orders?
    A Good Till Cancelled (GTC) order remains in the system until the trading member cancels it. However, the system cancels this order if it is not traded within a number of days parameterised by the Exchange. A Good Till Days/Date (GTD) order allows the user to specify the number of days/dates till which the order should stay in the system if not executed. The maximum number of days for which the GTC/GTD order can remain in the system is notified by the Exchange from time to time after which the order is automatically cancelled by the system. The days counted are inclusive of the day/date on which the order is placed and inclusive of holidays. An Immediate or Cancel (IOC) order allows the user to buy or sell a security as soon as the order is released into the system, failing which the order is cancelled from the system. A partial match is possible for the order and the unmatched portion of the order is cancelled immediately.

    What is a Disclose Quantity (DQ) order?
    The system provides a facility for entering orders with quantity conditions: DQ order allows the member to disclose only a part of the order quantity to the market. DQ (Disclosed Quantity) should not be less that 10% of the Order Quantity and at the same time should not be greater than or equal to the Order Quantity.

    What is a Stop Loss order?
    A stop loss order allows the trading member to place an order which gets activated only when the last traded price (LTP) of the share is reached or crosses a threshold price called the trigger price. For example, you have a sold position in some security whose current price as of now is Rs.500. You would not like to buy the scrip for more than Rs.510 later in case the market goes against you i.e. go up. You would then put a SL Buy order with a Limit Price of Rs.510. You may choose to give a trigger price of Rs.505 in which case the order will get triggered into the market when the last traded price hits Rs.505 or above. In case of a SL sell order, you may stop your losses beyond Rs.490 if the market falls by giving a limit price of Rs. 490 with a trigger price of Rs.495.

    What are price bands?
    The Exchange has fixed price bands for different securities within which they can move within a day. As per SEBI directive, all securities traded at or above Rs.10/- and below Rs.20/- have a daily price band of ±25%. All securities traded below Rs. 10/- have a daily price band of ± 50%. The price band for all securities traded at or above Rs. 20/- have a daily price band of ± 8%. But for 200 scrips the price band is fixed ± 12%. The previous day's closing price is taken as the base price for calculating the price

    What time does it take to open Demat?

    Maximum 3 Days

    In how many maximum name scans one account open?

    Maximum 3 names can be included

    If the account, say is opened in the name(s) of A and B, can shares standing in the name(s) of B and A be dematted in the Account

    Yes, by using a transposition form

    Can minor be a nominee? how?


    Is the nominee's photograph and signature required?


    Is it possible to switch charging schemes? if so, when and how?

    Yes, the client has to submit annexure A for a charge of the scheme

    Are bank details mandatory for Account Opening?


    What are the documents required to be produced for opening an account?

    Identity Proof

    • Passport
    • Voter Card
    • Driving license
    • Pan Card

    Address Proof

    • Ration Card
    • Bank Passbook
    • Driving License
    • Pan Card

    Frequently for dispatch of various documents

    • Statement of Transactions
    • Statement of Holding
    • Account Ledger

    Is it possible to open an account under a thumb impression? if so, further details of operating such an account.


    Is it possible to operate an Account under PoA? If so, the standard format for PoA?


    Is partial dematerialization done by companies/RTA?


    Procedure for dematerialization

    A client has to submit DRF along with a share certificate

    Possible reason for rejection of Demat Request

    Signature mismatch

    Is transfer-cum-demat possible?


    Demat Eligibility?

    • Equity Status
    • Preference status
    • Debentures
    • Bonds
    • Mutual Fund Scheme
    • Any Other

    How Secure are my funds?

    NSE guarantees each and every trade. In case of any dispute, you can refer to the Investor Grievances Cell, National Stock Exchange of India. For more details, you can visit

    What are the key features of the "INTRAday" product?

    INTRAday product is designed for Clients who want to take higher exposure in Equity Cash /Derivatives /Currency and Commodity markets, against a given credit. Clients who want to create their position only for intraday with minimum margin amount. The product allows the Client market exposure several times more than what would otherwise be possible in the normal order types with a given amount as margin. INTRAday products are opened for the end of the session and squared off the same day, following pre-defined logic.

    How does the "INTRAday" product work?

    Clients can use this product by following pre-defined conditions and logic. A client can build high leverage with this product in comparison to a normal product with the same credit with the condition of it will be squared off the same day at a predefined time near the closing of a session or pre-defined M2M loss of certain percentages of available credits at MSFL.

    Benefit of exposure multiplier

     CashNifty FuturesStock FutureFutureMCX / NCDEX

     20 Times28 Times17 Times80 Times38 Times
    Auto Square Off Time3:15 pm3:15 pm3:15 pm4:35 pm11:10 pm / 11:35*pm
    New Limit Block time for “INTRAday” product3:10 pm3:10 pm3:10 pm4:30 pm11:05 pm / 11:30*pm
    M2M Base Square Off at80%80%80%80%80%
    (*When MCX closing time is re-schedules to 11:55 pm)


    How can I place an order with INTRAday Product?

    To Place an order with this product, the client has to select the “Intraday” option in the product type option in any trading platform provided by MSFL. The client can place the order both way online and offline.

    Who can avail of this Facility?

    All MSFL clients registered with IBT (Online Trading), can take benefit of this product by registering themselves in INTRAday products.

    How can I avail this Facility?

    One can make a registration for this facility online and offline. For online registration, the client has to log in to his/her back office and click on link No. 32 (Intraday Product Registration_IBT). For offline registration, the client has to submit the physical registration form (available on the website under Download =>Internet Trading =>“Intraday Product Agreement IBT client.”) to his/her respective branch/ SB or head office. The facility will be activated within 24 hours after receiving the request.

    What is the scenario for Auto Square off position?

    In terms of timer base square-off, all positions taken with the INTRADAY product will be squared off by the same day end of the session automatically by the system. It works on pre-defined logic and conditions like pre-defined Time Base square off At 3:15 pm in Equity Market, in Commodity Market at 11:10pm (It will be revised to 11:35 pm when the commodity session is extended till 11:55 pm.) and in the Currency market at 4:35 pm.
    In terms of M2M loss base square off, position will be squared off in all products on hitting of 80% mark to mark the loss of client’s available credit at MSFL.
    Once the client converts to this product, an 80% M2M loss base square-off scenario will be applicable in all products and all platforms.

    Is there any charge to avail of this facility?

    No, there is no charge to avail of this facility. Brokerage charges and levies will be charged on regular basis.

    Is it possible to convert pending Intraday Orders into Carry forward products during market hours?

    No, It is not possible to convert. The client has to delete/cancel orders and place to new orders again.

    Is it possible to convert Intraday Trades into Delivery / Carry forward products during market hours?

    Yes, it is possible to convert. For that, sufficient credit will be required as per exchange requirements of VAR and SPAN+EXPOSURE in Cash and Derivatives segments respectively. The client can convert their trades before 3:00 pm in equity, 4:30 pm in currency and 11:05/11:30*pm(When MCX Closing time is re-schedules to 11:55 pm) in commodity.

    What happened if pending Intraday orders are not executed?

    All pending orders punched with INTRAday product will be Immediately cancelled just before time base auto squares off.

    What is the time limit for new order entry with INTRAday Product?

    New order entry with INTRAday products will be blocked at 3:10 pm in equity, 11:05 pm/11:30 pm in Commodity, and 4:30 pm in Currency

    Can we trade with INTRAday products in all the scrip listed in exchanges?

    No, the client can take multi-exposure only among the scrip list decided by MSFL. Only those scrips can be traded with INTRAday products which having good liquidity in the markets List of scrip is available on our web. (Download =>Internet Trading =>Intraday Product =>Intraday Product Approved scrips.)

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