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Intraday product is designed for the clients those want to take higher exposure in Equity Cash/ Derivatives/ Currency/ Commodity markets, against given credits. It is for Clients who want to create their position only for intraday with minimum margin amount. The product allows the client market exposure several times more than what would otherwise be possible in the normal order types with a given amount as margin. Intraday products are opened for the end of session and squared off the same day, following with pre-defined logics.

Client can use this product by following pre-defined conditions and logics. Client can build high leverage with this product in compare to normal product with same credit with the condition of it will be squared off same day at predefined time near closing of session or pre-defined M2M loss of certain percentages of available credits at MSFL.

Product Equity Derivatives Derivatives Currency Commodity Cash Nifty Futures Stock Future Future MCX / NCDEX INTRAday Exposure Exposure Exposure Exposure Exposure 20 Times 28 times 17 times 80 times 38 times Auto Square Off Time 3:15pm 3:15pm 3:15pm 4:35pm 11:10pm / 11:35*pm New Limit Block time for “INTRAday” product 3:10pm 3:10pm 3:10pm 4:30pm 11:05pm / 11:30*pm M2M Base Square Off at 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% (*When MCX closing time re-schedules to 11:55pm)

To place an order with this product, the client has to select “Intraday” in the product type option in any trading platform provided by MSFL. Client can place the order in both ways - online and offline.

All MSFL clients registered with IBT (Online Trading), can take benefit of this product by registering themselves in INTRAday product.

One can make registration for this facility through online and offline. For online registration, client has to login his/her Backoffice and click on link No. 32 (Intraday Product Registration_IBT). For offline registration, client has to submit physical registration form (available on website in under Download =>Internet Trading =>“Intraday Product Agreement IBT client.”) to his/her respective branch/ SB or head office. Facility will be activated within 24 hours after receiving request.

In terms of timer base square off, all position taken with INTRADAY product will be squared off by same day end of session automatically by system. It works on pre-defined logic and conditions like pre-defined Time Base square off At 3:15pm in Equity Market, in Commodity Market at 11:10pm (It will be revised to 11:35pm when commodity session extended till 11:55pm.) and in Currency market at 4:35pm.
In terms of M2M loss base square off, position will be squared off in all products on hitting of 80% mark to mark loss of client’s available credit at MSFL.
Once client converts in to this product, 80% M2M loss base square off scenario will applicable in all products and all platforms

No, there is no any charge to avail this facility. Brokerage charges and levies will be charged on regular basis.

No, It is not possible to convert. Client has to delete/cancel orders and place to new orders again.

Yes, it is possible to convert. For that, sufficient credit will be required as per exchange requirements of VAR and SPAN+EXPOSURE in Cash and Derivatives segments respectively. Client can convert their trades before 3:00pm in equity, 4:30pm in currency and 11:05/11:30*pm(When MCX Closing time re-schedules to 11:55pm) in commodity.

All pending orders punched with INTRAday product will be Immediate cancelled just before time base auto square off.

New order entry with INTRAday product will be block at 3:10pm in equity, 11:05pm /11:30pm in Commodity, and 4:30pm in Currency

No, client can take multi exposure only among scrip list decided by MSFL. Only those scrips can be traded with INTRAday product which having good liquidity in markets List of scrip is available on our web. (Download =>Internet Trading =>Intraday Product =>Intraday Product Approved scrips.)