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Compound Annual Growth Rate Calculator

The Simplified Approach To Evaluate The CAGR Of Your Investments

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CAGR Calculator


CAGR is: 37.97%

What Is A CAGR Calculator?

A CAGR calculator is an online tool that allows you to calculate the compound growth rate of an investment over a period. If you are investing in a business, you would like to determine the value you will get in the future. The online CAGR calculator will give an accurate result by solving complex calculations.

How To Use Marwadi CAGR Calculator Online?

  • Step

    Enter type of rate of return.
  • Step

    Enter the initial value of the investment.
  • Step

    Enter the final value of the investment.
  • Step

    Enter the period.
  • Step

    The calculator will display the rate of return on investment.

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Benefits Of CAGR Calculator


You can calculate CAGR for different investments. 


You will get accuracy in the result.


You can use it with ease and comfort.


It is straightforward to understand and use it.


You will have a seamless process for CAGR calculation.


There is no charge for using an MSFL CAGR calculator.

Why Do You Need A CAGR Calculator?

Here are the following reasons—

  • If you want to understand the performance of your investment over any period
  • Compare how different types of investments perform in terms of returns and reshuffle accordingly
  • Compare durations over which you want to invest your money

The Formula for CAGR Calculator

CAGR = [(V final/V begin) ^ (1/n)]-1

V final represents the ending value of the investment
B begin represents the beginning value of the investment
n represents the period in months and years

How to Calculate CAGR?

If the initial value is Rs. 2 lakhs and the final value is Rs. 14 lakhs in 7 years of an investment, what will be the Compound Annual Growth Rate?

Here is the calculation for CAGR,
[(2,00,000/14,00,000)1 / 7] – 1
Thus, the CAGR is 32.05%

Frequently Asked Questions

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is an average yearly growth rate of an investment over time.

You can determine the performance of different investments over time using the CAGR formula.

A higher CAGR Ratio is considered a promising CAGR.

You can use a CAGR calculator to determine an investment’s mean annual growth rate rather than any information on investment risk.

There is no need to log in to an MSFL platform to calculate CAGR.

A CAGR calculator allows you to calculate the mean annual growth rate for a SIP investment on a future date.

You can use a CAGR calculator to evaluate an average annual growth rate on a stock investment, just like other investments.

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