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Financial Planning Calculator

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What Is Financial Goal Planning?

Financial Goal Planning is the practice of defining a financial goal and developing a series of actions to achieve it. You will have to estimate how much money you need, what resources you will implement, and within what period you want to reach your financial goal. You can decide on a short-term, medium-term, or long-term financial goal. The most important thing that comes under your financial goal planning is where you will invest your money.

How Can You Use The Online Financial Planning Calculator?

For calculating the future value, you need to do the following things –

  • Enter the Present Value 
  • Enter the Expected Inflation Rate
  • Enter the Duration
  • You will get the result as the Future Value

If you are one of those who want to know the amount that you need to invest every month in reaching the financial goal, then you will have to do the following things—

  •  Enter the Expected Rate of Return on the investment
  •  You will get the result

How Does A Calculator For Financial Planning Work?

The Future Value (FV) will be the accumulated corpus as a financial goal. The formula to calculate the financial plan is

FV = PV (1+R)^N


        FV represents Future Value

        PV represents Present Value

        R represents Expected Inflation Rate

        N represents the Duration of the investment

        Here is an example.

        The value of the financial goal in today’s time is Rs. 15 lakh.

        You need the amount after 10 years. Let’s take an expected rate of inflation of 5%. 

         PV = Rs. 15,00,000 , R = 5% ,  N = 12 years

         FV= 15,00,000 (1+0.05)^12 =  Rs 26,93,784

Now, you may want to calculate how much money you should invest every month for the accumulated corpus. The Expected Rate of Return on investment is at 6% every year.

         The Future Value is 0 based on the calculation of Rs 26,93,784 done earlier. 

          Let the Expected Return from Investment= 6%

          You will need to invest Rs. 12,818 every month. 

         The PMT Function is helpful for this calculation. You will get it in the Excel Calculator.

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Benefits Of Financial Planning Calculator


You can choose the right financial instrument.


You can know how much you have to invest.


You can decide on your budget expenses.


You will get to know the future value of your financial goal.

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You can use the financial goal calculator to calculate your different financial goals like Personalized, Children’s Marriage, Children’s Education, and Retirement.

You can use the calculator multiple times for free.

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