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What Is Online Trading?

Online trading is the practice of buying and selling financial instruments and making profits with the help of the Internet and electronic devices. You can trade in different financial instruments like Equity, Shares, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Bonds, Futures, and Currencies. MSFL offers an intuitive and seamless system to trade in stocks and other financial instruments. We use technology to maximum advantage to let you view the big picture better, manage your securities, and monitor their real-time performance in the ever-changing financial market. Our trading system is accessible through all kinds of devices and operating systems.

Features Of Online Trading

  • Getting the status of profit and loss updated every second
  • Having quick access to view your holding and position
  • Getting your orders placed and trades executed in real-time
  • Receiving notifications about orders, trades, etc., on your device screen in real-time
  • Knowing about the price and volume of any asset in real-time

Disadvantages Of Online Trading

  • It is risky to engage in online trading, as there is a possible chance of losing money
  • When having no control emotions during heavy market fluctuation, you can lose
  • The interrupted internet connection can be a hindrance to trading
  • The slow-loading website can affect your online trading 
  • Mechanical or platform failures can lead to losses
  • The personal devices which are poor in performance will not let you perform trading tranquilly
  • Poor knowledge about the Stock Market can lead you to make bad decisions

Key Points of Online Trading

  1. Install antivirus to protect your electronic devices.
  2. Log out after trading to protect your account from being misused.
  3. Avoid clicking on the option “remember me” when you are at another location.
  4. Avoid using shared PCs to trade-in equity.


Keep tabs on relevant videos to engage in stock trading.


Gain knowledge about the sentiment and functioning of the stock market.


Own stock in the company that is listed in the stock market.

How To Start Online Trading ?

  • Step 1

    To start online trading, you need a Demat account to hold your securities and a Trading account to trade in securities. Submit the basic details to open both accounts.
  • Step 2

    Every investor and trader has a unique financial goal. Gaining the basic knowledge will support you at the starting point of your short-term or long-term goal.
  • Step 3

    Online stock simulators enable you to learn how to trade online where you can implement different strategies. It is similar to the real stock market but free from any risk. 
  • Step 4

     Having a plan will keep you motivated to achieve your financial goal. It should add from how much you will invest to deal with risk.

Benefits Of Online Trading


It facilitates trade with ease and comfort from anywhere.


Everything is hassle-free, from account opening to online trading.


Choose the preferred time to buy or sell from anywhere at any time. 


Get well-informed research, reports, recommendations, tips, and lot’s more on the stock market.


A practical move with the best advice from professional advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions

A technical analysis indicator is a tool that helps to acquire the price and volume of an asset through a mathematical calculation.

A chart refers to a graphical representation of data that involves a graph, diagram, or picture to make information understandable.

Fundamental data analysis is the practice of examining an intrinsic value of an asset in detail. 

Access to historical data to get information on any stock they performed previously.

Online trading platforms allow you to trade and invest in stocks in companies listed in the Stock Market. 


A stock chart acts as an indicator to know a security’s price over a specific time.

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