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Smartcase Model Portfolio

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Why Invest in Smartcase Model Portfolio

About Smartcase Model Portfolio

Large Cap
Objective :

Long term capital appreciation by investing in Large Cap companies that are top three players in their respective industries.
Multi Cap

Objective :

To participate in the India growth story through investing in the Indian equity markets by building a diversified portfolio across various sectors & caps.

Small Cap
Objective :

Long-term capital growth by investing in smaller but growing companies of India.

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Expert Research Team

Well-equipped research team to provide meaningful insights.

Customer Support

Excellent customer support services.

User Friendly Terminal

Our trading technology platforms have been built around ease of use.

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Option to call and place order over the phone.

24/7 Assistance

Use our telegram chat bot services for round the clock assistance.

Variety of Investment Solutions

One step solution to all your investment needs.


It’s a basket of stocks created by a fund manager based on a particular theme and timely rebalanced on behalf of the client.

Model portfolio is a basket of curated portfolios designed based on investor’s risk appetite and investment horizon which delivers superior risk adjusted returns over a long period. investors who find it difficult to invest in high ticket products like PMS and AIF can opt to invest in Smartcase.

  • Managed by professionals.
  • Transparency - Equity stocks are traded in your demat account with your consent on every trade.
  • Lower ticket size compared to PMS and AIF
  • No entry load or exit load.

  • Existing demat account holder - Contact your RM or the nearest branch and e-sign the agreement.
  • New client - Open demat account with Marwadi and contact your RM for e-signing agreement.

No. stocks can not be transferred for Smartcase investment directly. You can liquidate your stocks to invest.

Though there is no lock-in period, to avail the maximum benefit of this offering, it is strongly recommended to stay invested for a longer period of time. Our each product basket defines tentative investment time horizon.

1.5% on initial purchase till 31st of March’22 and 2% post march’22. Apart from brokerage changes there will be no other additional charges like upfront fee, profit sharing exit load etc.

Minimum investment amount is 3 lakhs and the top-up amount is Rs 50,000/-

Client can initiate redemption from Smartcase anytime by simply intimating your RM or contacting us through our branch or customer care.

No conditions attached for redemption.


Yes, clients can request for detailed statements with their respective RM.

Yes, provided the following conditions -
1. The minimum withdrawal needs to be INR 50,000.
2. Post withdrawal, the fund value should not go below INR 3,00,000.

The CDD (central dealing desk) will execute the trade on behalf of clients.

Yes, by opening a Demat account with MSFL.

Yes, holding can be pledged.

Smartcase statements will be provided separately.

If the client fails to respond through mail within the stipulated time, the trade shall be carried forward to the next trading day.

The trade will always be executed at the current market price in Smartcase Model Portfolio.

Mutual fund is a huge pool of investments where investors are given units rather than direct stocks. Mutual fund investors will not have control on stocks purchase/sales in a portfolio unlike Smartcase portfolios. MF Investors will have to bear charges like exit load if they withdraw their investment before a particular period.  Smartcase will not have any exit load. Since the AUM is large in size under mutual funds, rebalancing the portfolio would not be as convenient as Smartcase model portfolios. MF is more regulated by SEBI where fund managers will have a lot of restrictions compared to Smartcase.  Smartcase brokerages charges are as close to MF fees or expense ratios and yet you can have customized services with many advantages. The average mutual fund expense ratio is close to 2% to 2.5% which is adjusted towards NAV. Under smallcase investors have to bear only brokerage charges which are much cost effective than MF.

PMS or Portfolio Management Service is a professional service where qualified and experienced portfolio managers manage equity portfolios on behalf of clients. The minimum investment amount is 50 lakhs. PMS will have management fee, profit sharing and exit loads which varies from scheme to scheme.

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