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Investor Relations

1st Issue - MSFL – NCDs – 2021-22

Contact information
Mr. Tushit G. Mangukiya – Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Email ID:
Contact No. 0281-7174481/482

Email address for grievance redressal
Email ID:

Debenture trustee and its details
MITCON Credentia Trusteeship Services Limited
1402/1403, 14th Floor, Dalamal Tower, B-Wing, 211,
Free Press Journal Marg, Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400021, Maharashtra, India
Tel.: +91-22-22828200/240
Contact Person: Vaishali Urkude
CIN: U93000PN2018PLC180330

2nd Issue - Market linked non-convertible debentures

Market Linked DebenturesMarwadi Shares and Finance Limited issued Rated, Listed, Senior, Unsecured, Transferable, Redeemable, Principal Protected, Market Linked Non-convertible Debentures (MLDs) that have features of debt.
Please review the offer document / memorandum of private placement relating to the MLDs for details on the MLDs including its risk factors.
As per the Guidelines for Issue and Listing of Structured Products / Market Linked Debentures dated September 28, 2011 (Guidelines) issued by the SEBI, Marwadi Shares and Finance Limited has appointed ICRA Analytics Limited as the third-party valuation agency for these MLDs.
The valuations of MLDs issue are provided by ICRA Analytics Limited. These valuation reports will be available at the following link:!#divMlddDetails
The indicative valuation provided by the valuation agency is being provided in compliance with the Guidelines.