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The 3 decades young,
We are Marwardi Group!

Marwadi Group is a leading financial services provider offering a comprehensive suite of services for creating and managing wealth. So what makes our Company great?

No rocket science actually! While you invest your hard earned money in financial securities, we invest to ensure your portfolio is catered in a keen customised way. That’s how we built trust in our customers, leading to life-long relationships.

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Why settle for less when you
can earn more? Loans are not
restricted to banks, let the
leaders in the Securities
Lending and Borrowing (SLB)
segment enable you to lend
your idle securities and help
you make an extra premium
on your existing shares!


Our Smart Portfolio analysis
(SPA) tool is especially
designed for all our
customers. It analyzes your
portfolio in a scientific way so
that you know the opportunity
loss in any and helps
you rebalance your portfolio.

2-in-1 Account

Having a Demat & Trading
account makes transacting in
stocks, commodities, mutual
funds, bonds, government
securities far more safe and
easier too. One can open an
account online in just five
minutes with Marwadi
Financial Services.

Technology and Solutions to make
swift trading Experience!


MSFL Connect

An advanced trading app in
India. Whether you are a hands
-on investor trading actively or
an occasional investor more
into long-term investments,
MSFL Connect is one of the
best trading apps for you.

MSFL Web Connect

ODIN Aero- An advanced
trading app in India. Our
latest release makes the
trading experience seamless
on your desktop or laptop.


An advanced trading
desktop application for
trading with ease. A swift
and easy solution for hands
-on investors to trade


Customised Benefits with Marwadi Research

for all

At Marwadi, we provide our
clients be it big or small a wide
range of strategic advisory
and research-based solutions.

Advantages you

We help them understand
everyday developments and
using our proprietary tools
manage risks across offerings.

Customized with

Our in-house research team
ensures we understand and
predict the markets backed with
well researched data across all
segments, customized for your

AI Based

Our AI based research
recommendation makes sure
that you get the best advice as
per your risk appetite.

Awards & Recognition