List of Companies Board Meetings

Date Heading Details
27-Feb-2021 Affle (India) Preferential Issue of shares
27-Feb-2021 BCL Industries Inter alia 1. To consider invitation of Deposits under section 73 and 76 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with rules made thereunder. 2. To consider the proposal of raising stake/ shareholding in the Subsidiary Company i.e. Svaksha Distillery Limited, from present 51% to 75%, subject to necessary approvals, consents and compliance.
27-Feb-2021 Bella Casa Fashion Independent Director Meeting
27-Feb-2021 Deccan Health Care The meeting of Board of Directors of the Company-will be held on Saturday 27th February, 2021 at 04.00 PM through Video conferencing mode to enable the Directors to participate through Video Conferencing mode in order to consider and discuss the following matters:- 1. The Board of Directors is in talks with various investors in line with its future projects where the Company is proposing to expand the business aggressively and the Board will discuss the various options such as Equity shares and/or warrants for raising funds in this regard. 2. To consider the proposed appointment of Mr. Arun Pandey as Non-independent Director of the Company. 3. To review the operations of the Company for the quarter ended 31st December, 2020 4. To consider the appointment of Ms. Mohita Gupta as Chief Financial Officer of the Company.
27-Feb-2021 HKG Rights Issue & Inter alia, to transact the following business: 1. To consider and discuss the proposal for raising of funds by issuance of equity share or convertible bonds or debentures or any other securities, through permissible modes including but not limited to a rights issue, preferential issue or qualified institutions placement, as may be permitted under applicable law and subject to such regulatory/ statutory approvals, as may be required. 2. To discuss the matter for change in statutory auditor of the Company. 3. Any other item with the permission of chair and majority of director
27-Feb-2021 Interactive Finl. Inter alia, to consider and approve : 1. To fix the date of Extra Ordinary General meeting of the company through Video Conferencing/other Audio Visual Means. (as per MCA Circular No. 39/2020 dated 31st December, 2020) 2. To decide Book Closure date, E-voting date and cut-off dates for the purpose of Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Company. 3. To Appoint Scrutinizer of the company for the purpose of voting procedure in the Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Company through VC/OAVM. 4. Any other matter with the permission of the Board Members.
27-Feb-2021 Nakoda Group Inter alia, to consider and approve the following 1.Allotment of Fully Paid Bonus Equity Shares to the members eligible as on the Record Date. 2.Appointment of a person as Trustee to hold the fractional shares(if any)on behalf of the members/shareholders of the company. 3.Listing and Trading of Fully Paid Allotted Bonus Equity Shares of the company. 4.Any other matter with the permission of Chair.
27-Feb-2021 Rajapalayam Mills Rights Issue
27-Feb-2021 Sakar Healthcare Other business matters