Equity & Derivatives

Board Meetings

Date Heading Details
16-Nov-2019 Arihant Capital Mkt. Quarterly Results
16-Nov-2019 Focus Suites Sol Half Yearly Results (Revised)
16-Nov-2019 Syncom Healthcare Quarterly Results (Revised)
16-Nov-2019 Vyapar Industries Voluntary Delisting of Shares Inter alia, to transact the following: I. To consider and take oo record the Intention of Delisting dated November 11, 2019 received from the Promoter and Promoter Group Members of the Company; 2. To consider and appoint a SEBI registered Merchant Banker for conducting due dil igence as per regulation &(!A)(ii) ofDelisting Regulations; 3. Any other matter incidental to the Dclisting Proposal with the permission of chair