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14-Jun-2019   09:14 Hrs IST RBI to infuse Rs 12,500 crore into financial system through purchase of G-sec <p align="justify">In order to meet the durable liquidity needs of the system going forward, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said that it will infuse Rs 12,500 crore into the financial system through purchase of government securities (G-sec) under the Open Market Operation (OMO) on June 20, 2019.</p><p align="justify">It added that the decision has been taken based on a review of the evolving liquidity conditions and assessment of the durable liquidity needs going forward. The government securities to be purchased in the auction.</p><p align="justify">Recently, the RBI had&nbsp;injected Rs 15,000 crore into the system through bond purchases. The RBI uses OMO for injecting liquidity into the system through the purchase of government bonds (G-sec) to regulate money supply in the market. The sale or buying of g-secs infuses or reduces liquidity.<br></p>
13-Jun-2019   09:36 Hrs IST FDI to India surges by 6% to $42 billion in 2018: UN report <p align="justify">The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in its report ‘The World Investment Report 2019' has said that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to India surged by 6% to $42 billion in 2018, with strong inflows in the manufacturing, communication and financial services sectors, and cross-border merger and acquisition activities. The report ranked India among the top 20 host economies for FDI inflows in 2017-18. It also emphasized that prospects for FDI inflows into South Asia are largely determined by expectations of growing investment into India. </p><p align="justify">The report mentioned that India has historically accounted for 70 to 80% of inflows to the subregion. Further, the growth in cross-border M&amp;As for India from $23 billion in 2017 to $33 billion in 2018 was primarily due to transactions in retail trade ($16 billion), which includes e-commerce, and telecommunication ($13 billion). The report added that India and the UAE, not traditionally in the top 20 outward investor countries, were also considered as among the top 10 most important sources of FDI for the 2019 to 2021 period.</p><p align="justify">Besides, the report showed that FDI inflows to developing countries in Asia rose by 3.9% to $512 billion in 2018, with growth occurring mainly in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, as well as India and Turkey. The Asian region remained the world's largest FDI recipient, absorbing 39% of global inflows in 2018, up from 33% in 2017. FDI inflows to South Asia increased by 3.5 per cent to $54 billion. However, global FDI flows slid by 13% in 2018 to $1.3 trillion from $1.5 trillion the previous year -the third consecutive annual decline.<br></p>
12-Jun-2019   09:12 Hrs IST RBI to infuse Rs 15,000 crore into financial system through bond purchases on June 13
11-Jun-2019   09:20 Hrs IST System-wide NPAs stock declines massively to 9.3% in FY19: Crisil
10-Jun-2019   09:09 Hrs IST Reduce cost & time of port clearance, enhance availability of credit to boost exports: TPCI
07-Jun-2019   09:22 Hrs IST Indian economy to grow 7.3% in 2019, 7.5% in 2020: G-20 surveillance note
06-Jun-2019   09:15 Hrs IST World Bank retains forecast of India's growth rate at 7.5% for FY20
04-Jun-2019   09:16 Hrs IST Declining oil prices, stable rupee sign of high growth in coming months: Garg
03-Jun-2019   09:05 Hrs IST India's Q4 GDP growth hits 5-year low of 5.8%; full year growth stands at 6.8%
31-May-2019   09:20 Hrs IST India's GDP likely to grow at 6.5% in Q4FY19: FICCI

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