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Innovatively Helping With Forensic Solutions while creating value for clients.

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Forensic Services

Get to analyze evidence from fradulent scenes and develop objective findings.

Due Diligence Services

Get an integrity check of potential investments to confirm and verify the same.

Quality Assurance

Get reports that involve highlighting areas of high & low performance

Why Forensic services & Due Diligence?

As we work to make a real impact with our Forensic and Due Diligence that brings valuable insights into business continuity and potential for business growth in ever constantly changing world. Our approach is as simple as it is effective, we get down into any dishonest activity by linking multiple sources and connecting dots.

Firms with experienced financial loss can approach a modern financial investigation to acquire, examine, and preserve evidence with admissible methodologies and get advanced solutions to report fraud and legal proceedings when ad hoc. Our E-discovery Solution complies with the global standard to offer a very inclusive experience for any forensic investigation. By implementing an efficient counter-fraud mechanism, we ensure improvement in the effectiveness and sustainability of your integrity and compliance program.

Our Corporate Intelligence Solution is well-equipped with Third-Party Due Diligence, Senior Management Due Diligence, Operational Risk Assessment, and Investigative Due Diligence to help clients before going into any partnership with other companies.

Whilst the Merger & Acquisition brings Vendor Due Diligence and Financial Due Diligence to help large private equity players with a forensic point of view.

Better Strategy With Quality Business

Quality Assurance

For us, quality comes first no matter what the mandate. Ensure accuracy and reliability for test results along with the standard of quality is being maintained.


For us, quality comes first no matter what the mandate. Ensure accuracy and reliability for test results along with the standard of quality is being maintained.


It’s been more than a decade now consistent with our clients in offering services
efficiently while
valuing for their money.

AI-Driven Solution

We offer clients a meld of automated and semi-automated SaaS solutions as needed. Assist with the highest level of integrity to monitoring business remotely


Our team of highly experienced and accomplished people is all set to provide exceptionally high levels of performance on a particular task within a specified domain.

Cases of All Sizes

500+ Cases (150+ high profile cases) coupled with 4500 Bn+ banking exposure handled. Allying with professionals experienced in Govt agencies

About Marwadi Forensic Services

With a client exposure handled of over 1500 Bn, Marwadi Forensic Services has over a 90% success ratio. As we go with the motive where our work speaks to stand as one of the leaders in our domain. Focused on delivering value to clients of all sizes at various stages of development from startups to global conglomerates. A part of the Marwadi Group with a mission to provide quality services, we are building a set of loyal customers through technology innovation and customer-centric construction. We ensure our innovations enable clients to transform possibilities into reality. We believe to empower every generation of entrepreneurs with a unique aspiration to maximize their growth in their journey. Because when you grow, we grow!