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What is Mutual Fund Investment?

A mutual fund is referred to as a financial scheme by an asset management company that collects money from investors to create a pool of money and invest it in securities such as stocks, bonds, or other assets with the intent to produce capital gains for the people who have participated in the scheme. Any particular mutual fund scheme will allow you to buy mutual funds (units) that show your share of holdings.

Types of Mutual Funds

Based on Structure ​
You can get into the investment horizon where you will get different types of mutual funds based on the structure, including Open-ended funds, Close-ended funds, Interval Funds, and Money Market Funds.
Based on Asset Class
An asset class is a group of various securities with similar characteristics that follows the same laws and regulations. It helps diversify portfolios and avoid risk concentration. Mutual funds based on Asset Class include Equity funds, Debt funds, Hybrid funds, Solution-oriented funds, Money Market Funds, and Hybrid Funds.
Based on Investment Goals
Every individual has a financial goal based on their needs and requirements. Mutual funds are available for investors with different financial goals. Mutual funds based on Investment Goals include Growth funds, Income Funds, Aggressive Growth Funds, Tax-saving Funds (ELSS), Liquidity-based funds, Capital protection funds, Fixed-maturity funds (FMF), and Pension Funds.
Based on Risk
Investors can make investments in mutual funds based on their risk appetite. There is the availability of a risk-o-meter to determine the Risk carried by a mutual fund scheme. Mutual funds based on Risk include Very Low-Risk Funds, Low-Risk Funds, Medium-Risk Funds, and High-Risk Funds.
Specialized Mutual Funds

Specialized mutual funds are those whose investments are mainly made in particular industries involving commodities, regions, or other market segments. Specialized Mutual Funds include Sector Funds, Index Funds, Funds of Funds, Emerging Market Funds, International and Foreign Funds, Global Funds, Real Estate Funds, Commodity-focused Stock Funds, Market Neutral Funds, Inverse/Leveraged Funds, Asset Allocation Funds, Gift Funds, and Exchange-traded Funds.

Documents Required To Open Mutual Fund Investment Account

PAN Card


Address Proof

Bank Account Detail

How to Open a Mutual Fund Investment Account

STEP 1 – Fill up the form for opening a Demat account.

STEP 2 –  Enter the OTP received in your registered email address and mobile

STEP 3 – Submit PAN Card and proceed.

STEP 4 – Submit documents to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

STEP 5 – : Wait for the verification process to activate your account.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds?

Set your goal.
Setting a goal for a mutual fund investment helps you be clear and specific about what you are doing and what you have to achieve. You will be motivated to achieve your financial goal.
Decide on the suitable scheme for you.
Although many mutual fund schemes are available in the market, not every scheme will align with your financial needs and requirements. So you need to decide on a particular mutual fund scheme that suits your financial goal best.
Get your credentials.
You will have to open your Demat account first. Once your Demat account is activated, you will get the credentials for mutual fund investment activity.
Link your Demat account to your bank account.
Your Demat account should link to your bank account. So that you can transfer funds to your Demat account, make sure that you have sufficient funds for mutual fund investment.
Start investing.
So everything is set now. You can begin with your journey to investing in a mutual fund scheme.

Benefits of Opening in Mutual Fund Investment With Marwadi

Meet Long-term Goals

Get a finance professional to build and take care of your overall investment portfolio based on your goal.


Help in spreading your investments in different assets to mitigate potential
risks associated with your portfolio.

Meet Long-term finance Goals

Avail of tax-saving investment plans to achieve your financial goals

More Price Transparency

Generate income through a mutual scheme steadily without worrying
about safety

Higher Returns

Generate higher returns through different types of investment tools that
include PF, FD, PPF, etc.

suitable mutual fund schem

Retail investors who have limited knowledge about mutual funds and finance can pick a suitable mutual fund scheme.

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Financial Goal Planning is the practice of defining a financial goal and developing a series of actions to achieve it. You will have to estimate how much money you need, and within what period you want to reach your financial goal. …

When Should You Invest in Mutual Funds?

There is no best or fixed time to invest in mutual funds. But investing in mutual funds during the lower market would be the best suggestive idea, as you can expect higher returns. It also suggests investing when the highest bond yields, the market touches the rock-bottom and the sudden fall in the realty sector development. You may fail to match your present situation with any of the scenarios mentioned above. So it is always better to invest in a mutual fund scheme you want at any time; just gain an adequate amount of knowledge about it and identify the associated risk factors to deal with so that you gain significant returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many mutual fund schemes available in the market. Every mutual fund scheme offers different features and benefits for investors with different needs and requirements—all you need to choose is the mutual fund scheme that best suits your financial goals.

It is safe to invest in mutual funds online. Because there is a direct link between your Demat account and your bank account, you will receive the ownership of the units. The balance will be transacted directly from your bank account. The notifications on credits and debits will be sent on your mobile

Investing in mutual funds is simple and rewarding too. Mutual fund investment
helps individuals to earn higher returns. When you implement a smart investing
strategy, you can multiply your wealth.

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