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Portfolio Shield

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This product is about Hedging in Equity where we are hedging against the portfolio with Short future or long put or short call.

This product is suitable for Investor, hedger who wants to hedge against their portfolio in Equity.

The Trades would be generated after the analysis of the beta of the portfolio, Proper correlation and “p”value of the portfolio.

Risk: Reward is another major criteria which is taken into consideration and we strive to make traders comfortable and at ease by providing low risk high reward trade.

With respect to Margin consideration no additional Margin is required as Margin requirement depend on the size of the portfolio. Timely suggestion will be given to everyone when big movement in the market is anticipated or the volatility going to be increase.

That was a short brief about this product and in case you need further details then feel free to write to us on or contact us on 0281-61920007174000.


  • What is Portfolio Shield?
    Portfolio shield is the product to hedge against the existing portfolio.
  • When will you recommend this product?
    When the big movements in the market is anticipated at that time to hedge the existing portfolio we recommend for the requirement of the short future or short call or long put. Timely suggestion will be given to every one.
  • What is the criterion to select instruments to hedge?
    We calculate the beta of the portfolio, PCR , Portfolio correlation, Z-value ,P-value, VIX, Market rationale on this parameter will select instruments.
  • What is Risk-Reward criteria?
    There is no specific Risk-Reward as this product is to hedge the existing portfolio.
  • What is Margin Requirement?
    Margin requirement is depend on the size of the portfolio, time duration and correlation with hedging instruments. So It will be defer from case to case.

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