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Power Trade

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This product is suitable for traders who want to stay in the trade for multi-day and capture the larger alpha of the trend than daily speculation. Basically short term traders looking to Ride the Momentum.

This product is about positional trading in Equity where all the trades recommended would have a maximum holding period of 5 days.

This is a Long Only Product. Trades would be given from stocks in Equity segment having high liquidity in terms of volumes and quality companies.

The Trades would be generated from in-depth Technical of the price, trend-structure, support-resistances, momentum, sector and stocks relative out-performance and larger trend forecasting techniques.

Risk:Reward is another major criteria which is taken into consideration and we strive to make traders comfortable and at ease by providing low risk high reward trade.

The risk:reward for this product shall be 1:1 for first target and 1:2 for second target. The investment will have a minimum target of 4%.

With respect to number of open trading positions, at any point of time we shall have a maximum of 5 open positions. And therefore the ideal margin required to participate in this product shall be 5lakh. For calculation of Profit and Loss for this product we shall assume one lakh worth value in each trade. Traders with high capital increase the trade size.

That was a short brief about this product and in case you need further details then feel free to write to us on or contact us on 0281-61920007174000.


  • What is it all about?
    It is a 5 Day cash product. Recommendations will be open for maximum T+ 5 Days.
  • What is the universe for the stocks?
    Stocks are chosen from predefined universe.
  • How many Recommendations will be open for this product?
    Maximum 5 recommendations will be open at a time for this product.
  • What is the required margin for this product?
    Margin requirement is 5 Lakh for this product.
  • What is the Risk/Reward Ratio for this product?
    The reward per recommendation will be minimum 4%. Risk Reward Ratio will be 1:1 for 1st Target and 1:2 for the 2nd Target.
  • How Profit/Loss will be calculated for this product?
    Profit/Loss will be calculated on basis of 1 Lakh amount per one recommendation.
  • Is it necessary to trade all the recommendations of product?
    Yes, It is necessary to trade all the recommendations of the product to match with our Profit/Loss report.

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