Depository Services

Depository Services

  • Depository services are provided by financial entity to hold and assists securities such as stocks and bonds in electronic form called dematerlized (Demat) form instead of physical form
  • The entity holding such huge amount of securities on behalf of their clients is called Depository Participant

Why open Demat Account?

“To digitize all your securities investment”
  • No need to hold share certificates in physical form, hold securities in Demat form to protect it from theft, loss, fraud, damage or delay in deliveries
  • Ease of transferring securities by submitting one set of claim papers to DP
  • In the times of T+2 having a Demat account linked to your trading account becomes more convenient

Who should have a Demat Account?

“Every person investing in financial securities”
  • Every person having securities such as shares certificates in physical form should have a Demat account as shares cannot be traded without Demat anymore

Why Open Demat Account with MSFL?

“Because We Persevere, Persist and Perform for YOU”
  • MSFL offers full-fledged Depository services
  • Depository Participant registered with both NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Ltd)
  • The non-trading members also can avail of our Depository services

The Marwadi Merit

  • User-friendly investing and trading experience
  • Rational and timely advice from our research experts
  • Dedicated client support and services

What services do we offer for Demat Account?

  • MSFL offers best-in-class service and customer focus
  • At your doorstep facility to execute trades
  • Instant SMS alerts
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your information
  • Customized schemes
  • Execution of trades through Speed-e and Ideas

How Do I Get in touch?

Simply call or email us and we will have our MSFL representative get in touch with you

Note : Marwadi Shares and Finance Ltd. does client based and proprietary trading on various stock exchanges.

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