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What is Securities Lending and Borrowing Mechanism (SLBM)?

When you register for the Securities Lending and Borrowing Mechanism segment with Marwadi Financial Services, you enable yourself to lend your idle securities, which helps in earning an extra premium on your existing shares. Moreover, as an investor, you can also opt to borrow shares in the SLBM segment, which will also increase their earning potential. 

Why settle for less when you can earn more?

Here’s how you can opt for SLBM ?

To register, you just need to sign up for the SLB segment with your respective broker (that’s us) as per the exchange rules and regulations.

How to open a SLBM account?

To register, you just need to sign up for the SLB segment with your respective broker (that’s us) as per the exchange rules and regulations. 

  • Step

    Request for SLBM Activation. For that, fill up and submit a form.
  • Step

    Get a call from the company’s representative. online or in-person verification.
  • Step

    Answer a few questions.
  • Step

    Submit the required documents.
  • Step

    Sign an agreement.
  • Step

    Get a Unique Client Id (UCI).
  • Step

    Start trading through SLBM.

Documents required when opting for SLBM

PAN Card
Aadhar Card
Voter ID
Driving Lincense

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Benefits and features of SLBM

  • Tenure of lending and borrowing is available for up to a period of 1 to 12 months
  • Mainly securities traded in the F&O segment are eligible for lending and borrowing 
  • Investors can generate additional income from the idle shares in their portfolio
  • Exchange provides a list of securities for SLB trading every month
  • The specified reverse leg settlement date is the first Thursday of the corresponding month. Thus, each reverse leg settlement date is assigned a specific series number
  • All corporate action benefits go to the lender, for those who lend the shares in the SLBM platform
  • The borrower has the option to repay the obligation before the first Thursday of the month
  • Exchanges quote lending fees per share. It is usually based on the rate of return expected by the lender, interest rate, and tenure
  • SLBM is offered through an automated online platform with a facility of trading on price-time priority

Will SLBM impact taxation?

If lent shares are held by the investor for longer than one year, the capital gain will be charged as per the LTCG tax. However, the premium received by lending securities will be considered under short term income and hence, will be exempted from any such tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stocks and Equity are similar; they denote the ownership of a company. The online stock trading exchanges allow investors and traders to trade in Stocks and Equity. Stocks are securities bought and sold in the market. Equity is defined as a stake in a company.

AMC stands for an Asset Management Company that creates a pool of funds by collecting money from the public and uses the capital on various investments that involve  Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, etc.

Investors can generate high returns through equity investment. They can make profits through dividend earnings as well as capital appreciation.

Online share trading allows investors to trade in shares of companies on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

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