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What is SLBM?

SLBM stands for Securities Lending and Borrowing Mechanism which is a system that allows investors for lending or borrowing shares to profit considerably. It is an alternative option to the derivative market, allowing you to hedge your portfolio. In SLBM, borrowers are those who sell the shares which they don’t own, commonly known as short-sellers. While lenders are those who buy shares which they keep in their demat accounts for a long term.

How to open a SLBM account?

STEP 1 – Request for SLBM Activation. For that, fill up and submit a form.

STEP 2 – Get a call from the company’s representative. online or in-person verification.

STEP 3 – Answer a few questions.

STEP 4 – Submit the required documents.

STEP 5 – Sign an agreement. 

STEP 6 – Get a Unique Client Id (UCI). 

STEP 7 – Start trading through SLBM.

Benefits of Securities Lending and Borrowing Mechanism (SLBM)

Flexible Tenure
The tenure for SLBM ranges from a period of 1 to 12 months.
Pay per share
You will have to pay a lending fee per share based on the rate of return.
Additional Income
SLBM allows you to gain additional income from the shares sitting idly in your portfolio. 
Timely Trade List
Get a list of securities for SLB on a monthly basis by the exchange.
Segment Eligibility
The stock and other securities which are mostly traded in the F&O segment allowed for lending and borrowing.
Corporate Action Benefit
The lender who lends the shares in SLB will enjoy all corporate action benefits.
Specific Settlement date
The first Thursday of the corresponding month is the specified reverse leg settlement date.
Repayment option
The borrowing participant can repay the obligation before the first Thursday of the month.
Automated online platform
You can trade in SLB on price-time priority using an automated online platform.

Benefits of SLBM with Marwadi

Care Support

Get dedicated customer care support to resolve your queries.

Intuitive User

Experience an intuitive user interface with an excellent trading platform.

Reliable Platform

Reliable platform to ensure safe and secure trading activity.

Potential Market

Get updates on potential market opportunities.

Convenient Trading

Convenient trading from anywhere at anytime

Awards and Recognition

Documents to open a SLBM Account

PAN Card


Address Proof

Bank Account Detail

Our Solutions

By putting innovative digital-first solutions into effect, we have constantly evolved into newer and better forms in the ever-changing world. We are committed to providing powerful tools and platforms that align with the client’s needs and requirements. We help clients make well-informed decisions with our latest market trends and daily happenings and faster settlement and disbursement using technology to maximum advantage. Our platform is compatible with different devices like Mobile Phones, Desktops, Laptops, and operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By lending your shares, you can earn an additional return as lending fees.

You should lend your share when there is a demand for it.

The settlement date for SLB contracts is the first Thursday of every month.

There is no counterparty risk to SLB transactions, as they are assured by National Security Clearing Corporation Limited (NSCCL).

The lender will be able to own the shares.

You can visit here to see the live market updates for SLB on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

At present, 507 stocks are available on the NSE Stock Lending and Borrowing platform. They update the list of eligible stocks monthly.

Visit the respective broker and sign up as a client for SLB following the exchange rules and regulations.

The first Thursday of the respective month is the fixed settlement date.

On T+1 day, the lender delivers the security for pay-in that will be transferred to the borrower during pay-out. At Reverse leg settlement date, the borrower gives the security during pay-in while the lender will get it back during pay-out.

The maximum tenure for SLB transactions is 12 months.

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