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When emotions poured in crores to save a 3-month-old!

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When emotions bring people together, it changes lives. This is exactly what happened with MSFL employee Jignesh R Dethaliya when he learnt about the story of three-month-old fighting for life. A simple act of kindness felt so good that it changed his perspective on life.

He personally visited the toddler’s family to find out how he would be able to help them. He then gathered that the toddler was diagnosed with a rare disease called SMA-1 (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). The doctors had declared that he could survive for less than a year without appropriate treatment. The only drug that could save his life was Zolgensma. This drug is so expensive that it might only be affordable for the top one percent of the financially stable population across the globe.

Jignesh instantly felt the helplessness that the family was going through. Talking about the incident, Jignesh said “What moved me most was the fact that this was about a three-month-old toddler who hadn’t even got the opportunity to see the world properly.”

Jignesh further added “It felt so good to help someone in need that I have now resolved to continue giving back to society more consistently. This act made me realise that being kind to others adds meaning to your life. I also believe in the beauty of the karmic cycle. Whatever act of kindness you put out into the world has a way of coming back to you.”

Thankfully the story of this toddler touched the hearts of many others too and the donation target was achieved in less than two months itself.

If you also have been touched by the gift of life or know someone who has, we would love to hear from you.

‘One Act of Kindness’ is an initiative by MSFL that encourages people to share their act of kindness, so it can inspire others to follow the pursuit. Keeping the pandemic in mind, the daily lives of many have been disrupted. Making it all the more necessary now, more than ever, to encourage kindness and compassion.

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